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almost 4 years ago

Acumos AI Challenge Developer Support Webcast - Wednesday, 1:00-2:00pm PST

We will be hosting another Acumos AI Challenge Developer Support webcast on Wednesday, open to contestants who have any questions about the Challenge, or need technical support from our developer support team.

Date:     Wednesday, August 1st

Time:     1:00-2:00pm PST


We encourage you to pre-submit any questions you have so that we can make sure we cover them off during the session.

- Review Challenge Schedule

- $100,000 in prizes

- Judging Criteria

- What types of AI models are we seeking?

- Walkthrough of Acumos AI Developer Portal and Getting Started Guide

- Q&A session

If you are unable to join the session, you can also access support via the following options:

  1. Acumos AI Challenge Support Email Alias
  2. Stack Overflow (search for Acumos)
  3. Getting Started Guide

The submission deadline is this Sunday, August 5, at 11:45pm PST.

Hope you can join us!